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Re: orion Word "KITTIM"

David Goldman writes:

> Since I have not seen the scrolls published in Hebrew, I assume the word
> KITTIM is spelled kaf-yud-tav-yud-mem. 

For what it's worth, Charlesworth's _Graphic Concordance to the Dead 
Sea Scrolls_ shows two spellings of the Hebrew word behind "Kittim".  

1.  kty)ym -- found in 1QpHab, 1QpPs, 4QpIsa-a, 4QM-a

2.  ktyym -- found in 1QM, 4QpNah, 4QM-b

The occurrences in 1QpHab seem all to have the definite article, as
do also some of the occurrences in 4QpIsa-a, 1QM and 4QpNah.

There are no occurrences in which a yod intervenes between the kaf and
tav (likewise in Tanakh where the spelling is always defective at that

Richard Weis

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