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Re: orion 14C and falsifiability

Cc: goranson@duke.duke
From: "Dale Cannon" <dcannon@nightowl.net>
Subject: Re: orion 14C and falsifiability
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 97 13:49:40 PDT

I would like to know if a work exists that delineates all these theories
revolving around Qumran and the DSS -- quoting the proponents of the
theories, their evidence in support and agruments against.  

Also, regarding dating DSS, I suppose someone has taken into account
variances in language and writing from different places, groups and time
periods.  Take English, for instance, a difference of a Century, sometimes
evan a decade, shows variances in usage and style.  So I would like to
receive information here re: varous studies in this direction and how they
match up to other assumptions regarding DSS.