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orion Re: Orion Various

From: "Dale Cannon" <dcannon@nightowl.net>
Subject: Re: orion Various
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 97 13:29:11 PDT

> Al Baumgarten wrote

> (4) To Stephen Goranson: Yes, I recognize the extensive overlap
> between many Qumran practices and those of the Essenes as
> described in classical sources. What, however, do you make of the
> differences? What level of significance do you assign to them?

My question of course is do you obtain your ideas of "Qumran practices"
from the DSS -- and are you certain that the DSS all came exclusively from

Having read commentaries on the subject, I'm  confused as to whether DSS
are or are not exclusively from Qumran.

So questions asked raise more questions.

Dale M. Cannon