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Re: Swallowing castor oil, Re: orion Re: Date of Scrolls Deposit--55 BCE?

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fred cryer wrote:

> 3) John Allegro, John Strugnell, and Frank Cross (the last many times,
> most
> recently in his read-but-not-personally-delivered talk given in Qumran
> on
> the evening of July 25) have all explained that they regularly cleaned
> the
> Scrolls with castor oil in order both to get the dust off and to bring
> up
> some readings. They could not at the time have known that this would
> interfere with future C-14 studies, as, in their day, radiocarbon
> analysis
> required such enormous quantities of material that direct testing of
> the
> manuscripts themselves was out of the question; hence they had no
> reason to
> be cautious in this respect.

Dr. Cryer:

    Is there information that the Thanksgiving Hymns (1QH) was
treated in this manner?

Díman dith laych idneh dínishMA nishMA
   Jack Kilmon (jpman@accesscomm.net)