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Re: Swallowing castor oil, Re: orion Re: Date of Scrolls Deposit--55 BCE?

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The theory as to a chronological offset in conjunction with the psalms
pesher is, as stated, supported by both radiocarbon and non-radiocarbon
evidence. I have no theory as to the date of the pesherim (the test by the
National Museum in Copenhagen will first be completed in a yearīs time), so
I have no idea what hobbyhorse I am supposed to be pursuing in this
Popperīs theories were sufficient to draw the wrath of many a marxist
rhetorician back in the 1960s, and to win him many awards in more academic
environments. There are occasional attempts by humanists who have not read
his work to banish it to the natural sciences, but the influence of his
work on humanistic research extends from Steven Lukes in social
anthropology to E.-A. Knauf, in Old Testament and semitic philology. I am
naturally most interested to hear that they are not fitting for discussion
on this list.

Fred Cryer