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Re: Swallowing castor oil, Re: orion Re: Date of Scrolls Deposit--55 BCE?

Mr. Cryer, I'd say that it's penny worth popperian psychologizing which is
off the limit on this list.

Incidentally, it is atterly irrelevant to the point that I am making
weather you want the early or the late date deleted. Your theory still
looks so dandy because you invented an explanatory  mechanism which
makes it irrefutable. The tratment of anomalies when in search of natural
laws is completely irrelevant to what we are doing here. 

It's simply intellectually dishonest to lecture the world at large on
Popper and propriety, and than come out with proofs of this sort in
support of one's own pet theory.

	Asia Lerner

PS - please note - we have are not on first name basis