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Re: orion: Why C for Tsade

>>Judith Romney Wegner wrote:
>>> However, most scholarly work in semitic languages uses s-underdot for
>>> Tsaddi.  Always thus for Arabic letter sad,
>in point of fact, the Arabic letter is Saad; and when it is transliterated
>in scholarly works it is capitalized to distinguish it from the letter siin.
>Neither of these Arabic letters uses a dot underneath in modern scholarly
>Just a note to clarify a self evident error.

Oh, really, Jim?   Have you tried looking in Wehr's dictionary (about as
standard as one can get!) and just about every Arabic grammar on the market
(not to mention articles in scholarly journals?

As for the letter Sad, not only could I not underdot the S on e-mail, by
the same token I could not put the macron over the 'a' to represent the
long alif vowel.  Since you must have realized this, it's obvious that you
are nitpicking.

I would like to know what idiosyncratic sources you may be relying on in
your quaint assertion that sad is transliterated  Sad with no underdot "in
scholarly works."   Is this a new departure to usher in the new millennium,
or what?

Thanking you in anticipation

Judith Romney Wegner