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orion ORION: Variations

Fred, you still are misunderstanding me.

I do not need to be informed that Qumran is hardly unique. Except
for content, the same things we see at Qumran happen with quite
predictable regularity throughout recorded history. It happened
in Ireland, England, China, France, Germany, Spain, India, across
North Africa, and again and again. It is happening in Mongolia
right now.

Your "scribal activity" is not evidence of scribes acting as
authors or editors. All that variation among the Qumran docu-
ments is merely evidence of a major cultural disruption.

Please refrain from making unwaranted accusations. I work
from the MSS, scrolls, inscriptions, and tablets. I don't
even use transcriptions. My data is backed by years of
empirical experience in addition to years of study and
formally learned theoretical constructs.

BTW, it has become standard operating procedures among many
paleographers that one must be able to produce a replica of
at least two columns of a scroll, or a leaf of a manuscript,
or an inscription before working on a given script. I certainly


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