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orion Query about Qumran cemetery

In 1994, in <t>Biblical Archaeologist</>, Linda Bennett Elder wrote an
article in which she raised the possibility of women ascetics at Qumran,
using evidence from texts, as well as the evidence from the cemetery. She
did not have the Humbert-Chambon edition of de Vaux's notes available to
her. She did assemble both de Vaux's and Steckoll's information about
graves, and presented some handy tables. 

However, many of the gender determinations for individual skeletons that 
Elder tabulated, culled from de Vaux's later publications, are not to be
found in de Vaux's notes. I've just made my own tabulation of graves and
some of the information about them. I could write it up quickly enough and
submit it somewhere, on the idea that it would be useful to others as
well. However, someone else may have had the same idea. 

If a tabulation of information from the cemetery at Qumran, based on de
Vaux's notes, has already been published, would you, dear reader, please
let me know? 

Thank you in advance,
Sigrid Peterson   University of Pennsylvania   petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu