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Re: orion Orion: The Distinction between Domains

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Well, then, I think the best response I can make is to note that you´re
simply not commenting on the phenomena we see in Qumran, where the scribes
quite evidently felt free to vary both the "how" and the "what"; and this
situation is hardly unique to Qumran, so I´m forced to conclude that your
model is rule-based, rather than derived from the material.

I´ve read all the works you mention, and you fail to mention e.g. Bill
Schniedwind´s fine correction to the notion of evidence for northern
dialect. Moreover, all the works you cite take their point of departure in
the HB. As the earliest texts in our possession are those from Qumran, they
can hardly be said to provide historical warrant for conclusions about the
history of the language a millennium before. This is an unpopular position,
I acknowledge, but unfortunately most people who want to write on the
history of the Hebrew language want to do so without historical materials.
I would except only E.A.-Knauf (Belleri) and myself from that comment, as
we insist on sticking to the inscriptional finds as point of departure.

best regards,

Fred Cryer