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orion Dead Sea Scrolls on CD-ROM

Subject: Re: Dead Sea Scrolls on CD-ROM

Dear All,

Durham University is inquiring into purchase of the Scrolls CD-ROM, and
I am wondering whether anyone out there has been through the process and
can send advice. I know that the price for a single user lies in the
region of 1,700 but I remember hearing (through previous postings on
the list) of a campus licence which, though the initial outlay is
increased, can enable further purchase of the software to individuals at
that institution for a vastly reduced price. I have visited the OUP
website but they have information only for the single user price. Would
anyone who has any information upon this (i.e. pricing, websites etc.)
please get in touch with me privately ASAP. 

On a second query, it has been suggested that the price for the software
might be cheaper elsewhere, for instance in the USA. Again, if anyone
has any information on this, would they also get in contact. Many thanks
in advance.


Marcus Wood
Department of Theology
University of Durham