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Re: orion Date of Scrolls Deposit--55 BCE?

Greg Doudna writes:

>The Aemilius Scaurus reference in 4QMish(c) is indeed very difficult 
>to read as pre-63, before arrival in Jerusalem.  Nothing in Josephus 
>hints at a correspondence to the "Aemilius killed" reference pre-63, 
>whereas both in Pompey's conquest of 63 and in the year later that 
>Aemilius was governor there is plenty of opportunity for Aemilius 
>to have been involved in killing memorable to the writers of 

Something that neither Michael Wise, Greg, or others have noted is that
Aemilius Scaurus was quite famous for his violence and corruption.  He was
later brought up on formal charges at Rome for violence in extorting funds
from another later territory over which he governed.  Hence one may
reasonably presume acts of violence by Scaurus in Judea throughout his stay
there, including before 63 BCE, despite the lack of such incidents recorded
in Josephus.  

One should also note that Scaurus is notably absent in the account of
Pompey's conquest of Jerusalem, which raises a small question mark as to his
actual involvement.

Russ Gmirkin