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Re: orion Variations/Scribes

In my less than humble private, now public, response to Martin Jaffee's query
about a book I would have to write, I omitted some considerations that are
important given the public distribution of my comments.

For any book dealing with the implications of sectarian scribal practice, I
would defer to Emanuel Tov. When I wrote my methodological piece, I used the 
little I know of his work, and the current discussion, as background for
developing a possible exploration of the teleology of the sectarians.

I am interested in how we can build knowledge about Qumran and the scrolls,
in the very careful painstaking cumulative way that Tov is following.
However, I don't have access to what would be necessary. I *can think about
the larger aspects, such as assumptions involved, and broader questions that
can be asked, and the ways of finding answers. 

Please forgive me if I've tread on anyone's toes, here.

Sigrid Peterson  UPenn   petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu