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orion More questions for RA

Dear Rochelle:

I appreciate your willingness to respond to the plethora of questions that
seem to be pouring out of the net.  Dave Washburn has a web sit at
www.nyx.net/~dwashbur/   At the link on his page called "Great Isaiah Scroll
Directory" there is a picture of a scroll fragment.  Are the horizontal
strokes at the right of line 1 in that picture examples of what you refer to
as formating a scroll that would be done by a scribe?  Next, he states
"[n]otice also that an editor has written a "he" above the 4th word in the
second line making the word "ve-'aziynu" to be "ve-ha'azinu.""    Is this
interrlineated "he" an example of what a person dictating a scroll might do
in editing the scribes work?   Recently there was comment about possible
Chineese marginal symbols.   Could these be an "editors" mark indicating that
text has been reviwed - something like an editors mark on page proofs?

Mark Dunn