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Re: orion ORION: Canons & Faithful Reproduction

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Actually, Rochelle, there is astonishingly little evidence as to dialect
differences between north and south, if one takes one´s point of departure
in the HB-- the inscriptional material tells quite a different story.

But as to variation of the Biblical textual tradition: yes, indeed, there
is great variation both as to contents and to such finer points as
orthography, as any student of the history of the text and canon will tell
you: which of course also tells you that your scribes also felt --and
exercised-- great freedom with respect to these matters, also in spite of
an obvious determination guiding the tradition to arrive at a fixed textus
receptus. So they were hardly the robotic tools your model keeps suggesting
to me, unless I misunderstand you somehow.

best regards,

Fred Cryer