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Re: orion Variations/scribes

According to Martin Jaffee:
> On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, Sigrid Peterson wrote:
> > It occurs to me to suggest, after reading the exchanges between Rochelle
> > Altman, Philip Davies, and Greg Doudna--apologies at having omitted
> > others--that one could notice the variety of scripts at Qumran without
> > having to believe that many/most/all scrolls come from elsewhere.
> > 
> Looks like you have a book to write, Sigrid. Good luck! Marty

Thanks, Marty,

Since the same mail brings me a paper to revise, an invitation to contribute
to a multivolume work, an encouraging response to my query about a grant
proposal, and a query about when my dissertation will be out, it won't be too
soon, I'm afraid.

What's your next book going to be? Something about Qumran?