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Re: orion 63/64 bce - or about then etc.

Mark Dunn writes,

>The point is that when Scaurus arrived not too long
>thereafter the Sadducees were not in Jerusalem because they had been
>dispersed out of Jerusalem by Alexandra.  Therefore, those slaughtered in
>temple in 64/63 bce were probably (for the most part) Pharisees, not

Just a minor correction here.  By 63 BCE Aristobulus was in power, and hence
doubtless the exile of his supporters, the Sadducees, at an end.  Further,
Pompey demanded Aristobulus turn over the fortresses, and this order was
complied with.  Where did  the exiled Sadducee fortress commanders go?
 Probably to Jerusalem where Aristobulus was preparing for war.  Finally, the
presumed Pharisee enemies of Aristobulus opened the city to Pompey, while the
presumed Sadducee supporters of Aristobulus holed up in the temple, and were
slaughtered.  So your above deduction appear faulty.

Ian's theories were discussed extensively on Orion, and to some extent you're
covering old ground.  You might peruse the archives.

Russ Gmirkin