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Re: orion ORION: Limits & the DSS (Illustrated)

I found R Altmann's statement about writing systems fascinating. I want to
pick up on just one statement:

 Scribes never, never, repeat, NEVER include something
        unless it is a required part of the system that they
        have been trained to use.

Is this claim falsifiable? Or is it an analytic proposition? What is meant
by 'scribe'? Does it apply to any one writing? And if so, how does this
functionalist analysis account for changes in practice?

May I add, on Russell Gmyrken's posting, that I am not sure what he means
by 'Hasidim wilderness camps'. There isma group mentioned in I Macc  that
go t the wilderness, but they are not called Hasidim. And I find
problematic the lack of explicit anti-Hellenistic material in the DSS, too.
But I do not disagree with the notion of Maccabean or pre-Maccabean sources
in the DSS, including the War Scroll (though it was clearly redacted

Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield