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Re: orion "Pure food" in 1QS

Respose to Dave Washburn:
   I now see your dilemma more clearly. Yes, that does seem to be the
semantic shift in 1QS 6.25 and 7.3, where +HRT has been rendered as "pure
meal" by Vermes and "pure food" by Garcia Martinez. In addition, Garcia
Martinez translates +HRT HMQDS as "victuals of the temple" in 11QT 47.17.
It escapes my memory at the moment, but does the Clines Dictionary extend
as far as +? If so, I can check tomorrow to see if there is any helpful
information there. I am not sure off hand the origin of the usage to
designate a pure meal of the community. I will also consult TDOT tomorrow
to see if there is anything to indicate when the shift occurred.

-- Sarah Melcher

> pure and what isn't, but I'm not sure I see how it ties in with the usage
> of +HRT in 1QS.  What I'm trying to do is determine the semantic range of
> this word, both synchronically (approximately at the time of 1QS, assuming
> it can be determined) and diachronically, from the biblical usage to later
> Mishnaic and similar usage.  It looks to me as though the translations of
> it in 1QS presuppose a shift in meaning from abstract "purity," "ceremonial
> cleanness," to concrete, "pure food, especially a particular ceremonial
> meal so designated."  I don't see this shift based on the Jastrow entry
> above. 
> Dave Washburn
> http://www.nyx.net/~dwashbur/