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orion Diogenes

Dear Stephen Goranson:

Thank you for taking the time to respond to a few of my questions.  With the
predicate accepted that there are many "ifs" involved in any analysis, here
is what I was thinking.  As you state,  the most probable group association
for Diogenes would be with the Saducees.  Diogenes probably was not an Essene
(because his name suggests he was not "born a Jew" - a prerequistie to be an
Essen.  Certainly, he was not a Pharise.  Therefore, Diogenes, a probable
Sadducee advised crucifixtion of "traitor" Pharisees.  Such advice would be
in conformity with The Temple Scroll: "If a man is a traitor against his
people and gives them up to a foreign nation, so doing evil to his people,
you are to hang him on a tree until dead." 

After Diogenes death, Pharisees urged Alexandra to exact similar punishment
for "the rest [of the Saducees?]"  but this did not happen and they were
rather scattered.  Where?  Qumran?  Was this probable Sadducee, "a person of
figure," an advisor of Alexander, the primary target of the Pharisees upon
Alexander's death, the person who advised crucifixtion of Pharisees per The
Temple Scroll, the person whose associates were thereupon scattered, the RT?

Mark Dunn