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orion "Pure food" in 1QS

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During my recent re-reading and transcription of 1QS, I noticed that WAC
and Vermes consistently translate +HRT "pure food" (WAC) or "pure Meal"
(Vermes). This translation puzzles me.  In the Hebrew Bible, the word
consistently means "purity," "purification" or "cleansing."  Occurrences
are in Lev 12:4 (twice); 12:5; 13:7, 35; 14:2, 23, 32; 15:13; Num 6:9; Ezek
44:26; Neh 12:45; 1 Chr 23:28; 2 Chr 30:19.  I can't find a single instance
of the word that connotes anything approaching a meal.  However, a couple
of contexts of 1QS where it appears also speak of drinking.  I wonder: is
this the rationale for translating +HRT as "pure food" or "pure meal"?  Or
did it take on this more specific meaning in later Hebrew? I don't have my
Jastrow with me here in Arizona yet, so I can't check it for usage in
post-first-century Hebrew.  I would appreciate help in understanding why
the word is translated this way in 1QS.

Dave Washburn