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Re:orion dss and rabbis (rabies?)

To let Popper rest ... as he he did not live ...!

One student many years ago approached at the St. Catherina monastery 
with an opalised piece of green glass asking for my opinion. I 
claimed it to be a piece of glas belonging to a bottle of Carlsberg 
beer dating from 1955 CE. The student asked how I could prove it, I 
said,, it is not my problem, can you falsify it! 

Even if Stephen G. thinks that he can lay Popper at rest, the issues 
raised by Popper are still there. If Stephen claims that the pesher 
nachum is written by Essenes, it his duty to prove or falsify this 
claim, not to ask other people to do it. Otherwise his argument is 
logically false. 


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