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orion Diogenes

In Wars, Ch. 5 the following passage appears:  "Accordingly, they [i.e., the
Pharisees] themselves slew Diogenes, a person of figure, and one that had
been a friend to Alexander; and accused him as having assisted the king with
his advice, for crucifying the eight hundred men [before mentioned]."  The
passage continues that the Pharisees prevailed on Alexandra to put to death
the rest who supported Alexander but, through the intervention of
Aristobulus, ". . .  they were suffered to go unpunished, and were dispersed
all over the country."

Is there any other identification of Diogenes?   Is this a common Hebrew
name?   If not,  that doesn't fit well with "[t]hese last are Jews by birth,
. . . ."  (Wars, Ch. VIII) What does "a person of figure" mean?  Does that
mean he was wealthy, handsome, or politically important - or all of the
above?   If "wealthy" is the suggested answer, then that does not well fit
with being "despisers of riches"  (Wars, Ch. VIII).  Isn't there at least one
scroll that endorses crucifiction?   Is there any relationship between
 Alexander's supporters being "dispersed all over the country" and "many of
them dwell in every city,"  (Id.) - other than an accident?

Thanks for your help.

Mark Dunn