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Re: orion dss and rabbis

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Stephen Goranson wrote:

> Much of what Martin Jaffee wrote--e.g., on L. Ginzberg and C. Rabin--makes
> good sense. But, since there is very, very little surviving Second Temple
> Period Pharisee literature in Hebrew, no, IMO, it is not reasonable to say
> that one cannot recognize a pun on "halakah" until some cache of Pharisee
> texts--surely not Qumran--turns up.
> Stephen Goranson      goranson@duke.edu
	My only concern here is with the argument that runs aas follows:
"SINCE halaqot is a pun on halakah, THEN the dorshei halaqot must be
Pharisees." This is quite common and, I think, a problem. More properly
we might say: "IF halaqot is indeed a pun on halakah, this would add
further evidence for identifying dorshei halaqot as Pharisees." Can we
agree on this? Marty> >