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Re: orion Announcement

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        Thank you very much in the name of all those not fluent in German
for the translation. I presume, correct me only if I am in error, that 1873
is a lapsus calami for 1973.
        On the assumption that anyone can receive such wishes, whether or
not their calender is the same, BEST WISHES FOR A GOOD YEAR, 

At 09:00 AM 30/09/97 +0100, you wrote:
>Or, to render Jim West´s announcement in English:
>A large-scale exhibition "The Land of the Bible" was opened  in the Wiener
>Kuenstlerhaus by the president of Israel, Netanyahu, and the chancellor of
>the republic, Klima. For the first time, two important texts from the Dead
>Sea Scrolls were taken from the Shrine of the Book to be shown in an
>exhibit in Europe. The choice of the experts fell on Vienna, where, from
>Sept 22 (until January 19, 1998) the sensational exhibition "The Land of
>the Bible" will be shown. It is the first time since 1873, when the great
>subject of "Israel, its History, Environment, and the Bible" was
>demonstrated in an exhibition. 450 objects, primarily deriving from Israeli
>collections, and 30 sizable models will offer a commanding perspective of
>the entire historical and cultural-political sphere. A three-part catalogue
>invites closer study. The exhibition, which has been organised by the
>art-historical museum, has cost 12 million shillings. As Dr. Wilfried
>Seipel mentioned in the course of an interview with the press on Sept 19,
>the collection is insured for a total of one billion shillings. An
>electronic guide system which has been used in Israeli museums for some
>time is to be tried out in Vienna for the first time. In conclusion,
>General Director Seipel announced a future grand exhibition on the subject
>of "Islam and the Islamic World".
>With best wishes,
>Franz Boehmisch
>(trans. F.H. Cryer)


Dr. Naomi G. Cohen
Haifa University