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Re: orion Announcement

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Or, to render Jim West´s announcement in English:

A large-scale exhibition "The Land of the Bible" was opened  in the Wiener
Kuenstlerhaus by the president of Israel, Netanyahu, and the chancellor of
the republic, Klima. For the first time, two important texts from the Dead
Sea Scrolls were taken from the Shrine of the Book to be shown in an
exhibit in Europe. The choice of the experts fell on Vienna, where, from
Sept 22 (until January 19, 1998) the sensational exhibition "The Land of
the Bible" will be shown. It is the first time since 1873, when the great
subject of "Israel, its History, Environment, and the Bible" was
demonstrated in an exhibition. 450 objects, primarily deriving from Israeli
collections, and 30 sizable models will offer a commanding perspective of
the entire historical and cultural-political sphere. A three-part catalogue
invites closer study. The exhibition, which has been organised by the
art-historical museum, has cost 12 million shillings. As Dr. Wilfried
Seipel mentioned in the course of an interview with the press on Sept 19,
the collection is insured for a total of one billion shillings. An
electronic guide system which has been used in Israeli museums for some
time is to be tried out in Vienna for the first time. In conclusion,
General Director Seipel announced a future grand exhibition on the subject
of "Islam and the Islamic World".

With best wishes,

Franz Boehmisch

(trans. F.H. Cryer)