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Re: orion Bedouin Finds

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997 15:29:59 -0400 (EDT), jwest@Highland.Net writes:
>Fred Cryer's last post's closing sentence is a little disturbing- for it
>intimates that some texts have been passed off as DSS when in fact they were
>texts from other locales.


   Just last week I read Yigael Yadin's piece in BAR on the Temple Scroll
   and how he got it.  Similarly, I just pulled own Allegro's _The Mystery 
   of the Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed_ and noted not just that but his
   appendices: I-Other Cave Discoveries of History and Affiliation with
   the Qumran Sect; II-Murrabba`at and other sites; III-The Copper Scroll.

   All these have a story to tell.  I got Ian to reread Yadin's piece
   and see how he viewed The Temple Scroll as a Torah for the Sect that
   eventually went to Leontopolis in Egypt.  That temple had a tower
   and sanctuary as the Temple Scroll prescribed.  He resisted my view,
   but so what else is new.

>How many texts is this true of?  And if true of a few, true of how many?  I
>suppose what I am wondering is if the Scroll Rush (like the gold rush) did
>not produce some over zealot salesmen who passed off stuff as DSS.
>If this is so, then how can we be sure that much of the documents now
>considered "DSS" are not in fact materials gathered from "all corners" of
>Palestine and sold as Qumran materials?

   This, as you can understand, creates a major dating problem, as if
   I didn't know...

>Jim West
>Adjunct Professor of Bible,
>Quartz Hill School of Theology

BTW, I did not rush off mailing the book.  The fault may lie with the
the envelope AND with US Customs for it's easy to open, too easy, as I
discovered AFTER I had glued the flap down with contact cement.  A simple
tug on the tiny tag at the corner rips it right across.  I have a solution 
but try to buy Duct Tape on my busline!

Yesterday, I got some.  Tomorrow, I am off either to Staples or Kwick Kopy
to print from my masters my Brochure "The Kings' Valley Hidden Secret",
the hard copy version of my Web Page.  Because of the Web, someone at
The American University in Cairo paid attention, and the Head of their Rare
Books Library who now is doing an Exhibit Celebrating the 75th anniversary
of the Discovery of Tut's Tomb, sent me an invite to give one of the Series 
Lectures that will accompany the Exhibit.  The lecture will be the Web
title.  I've accepted and only the date remains to be decided. 

Your book sits on my dining room passthrough waiting my exit tomorrow morning.