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Re: orion Bible quotes in the Temple scroll?

Dear Orionites:
Respecting the recent discussion concerning the wording  "where *he thinks*
it is a quote", I completely understand the hesitating wording used. In work
I have done I have sometimes found it difficult, and even impossible at
times, to determine for sure whether a snippet is a quote, or a chance
parallel wording. I suggest that after Judith Romney Wegner's clear and
lucid definitions, we now let the matter lie.
Sincerely, ngc

>>>I'm puzzled by the last phrase ...."where *he thinks* it is a quote."  What
>>>does *he thinks* mean?  How can Michael Wise have sufficient expertise to
>>>publish on DSS, if he doesn't *know* enough to tell his readers whether a
>>>sentence or passage in the TS  is or is not a quote?  

> "Quotation"  means an exact word-for-word presentation of a a text:, e.g.
>"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth" is a quotation
>from the King James Version.
>"Citation" means giving the reference to the locus of the quotation one has
>in mind --e.g., here, the quotation consists of the words of the verse,
>whereas the citation is:  Genesis 1:1
>Yes, I know people loosely confuse these two, especially in America (except
>lawyers like yours truly!) but that doesn't make it kosher!
>"Paraphrase" means a speaker's or writer's attempt to convey what he thinks
>the words mean, --e.g., here,  were I  to paraphrase this, I would say
>".......God created the sky and the earth "  


Dr. Naomi G. Cohen
Haifa University