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orion brief responses

	Thanks to Fred Cryer for his views, but it does not seem to me that
the issue of defining "autograph" texts or their significance has been
fully resolved.
	The book by Timothy Lim, I expect, will be of considerable
interest, and perhaps relate to this issue as well, though, according to
OCLC/WorldCat only Library of Congress, so far, has a copy. Also, Paul, who
said he had been a Pharisee,  and some Essenes who became Christians, did
appear, in some respects, to continue within Christianity some earlier
debates, e.g., on erga nomou / ma'ase hatorah.
	In response to Tom Simms, the bibliographic data and a description
of the articles was given previously. As I find the "Chinese" case
unpersuasive, I asked David Crowder merely if he acknowledged that several
claims made by Neil Altman of Christian connections with Qumran have been
disproven. Some of these were quoted on orion; another example: a line seen
as crossing a lamed in the Copper Scroll presented as a Christian cross.
Some of the claims, in my opinion, are false; others are highly
speculative. But, as our moderator indicated this thread is unwelcome, I'll
stop there.
Stephen Goranson   goranson@duke.edu
P.S. my apologies for the multiple copies of a message which was, for some
reason, long delayed in delivery.