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orion book summary (Hurtado/Lim)

This summary has been cross-posted with Prof. Hurtado's permission.

>Date: 	Wed, 24 Sep 1997 15:01:09 +000
>From: "Professor L.W. Hurtado" <hurtadol@div.ed.ac.uk>
>To: "First Century Judaism Discussion Forum" <ioudaios-l@Lehigh.EDU>
>I'd like to draw attention to the new book by my colleague here in 
>Edinburgh, Timothy Lim: _Holy Scripture in The Qumran Commentaries & 
>the Pauline Letters_ (Oxford:  Clarendon, 1997).  This is a valuable 
>discussion of Qumran biblical copying & interpretive practices 
>(informed by latest DSS materials) and of Paul's interpretive 
>practice as well.  Lim shows that a lot of views on the latter 
>subject have to be more sophisticated to take account of latest 
>evidence on the textual state of the Heb & Greek versions of the 
>In his view, Paul shows up as a poly-lingual Jew who is able to make 
>his own translation & adaptation from the Heb in writing to his 
>Greek-speaking converts.
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