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Re: orion Chinese connection heist

Dear Sigrid, who asked:

>How is this not kosher? I am baffled.

First, thanks for clarifying the facts concerning Kraft and Mair, which had
not been entirely clear in the posting to which I reacted.   However:

Second, and more important, ( perhaps I too was unclear),  I was responding
ONLY to the poster's question about whether the behavior was "kosher" in
the context in which I thought the poster was using that term  -- namely
with reference to the ethics rather than the legality of the conduct he was
complaining about.   In that sense, I meant EXACTLY what you yourself said
here, namely:

>those reports were in the public domain. That would still not mean that
>anyone could make any use they wish of the reports. They would be bound by
>the ethics of their respective professions to make appropriate citations of
>their sources.

Your last two sentences express PRECISELY the view that I was trying to
propound.  So we don't disagree at all!   IF someone has ignored "the
ethics of their respective professions, etc"  THAT is what I was saying
"stinks."   Maybe I misread the post, but that's what I  thought the poster
was actually complaining about."   Indeed, that's why I said "stinks",
making no comment on the legality one way or the other.

 I personally do not restrict  use of  the terms "kosher" or "not kosher"
to conduct that is LEGALLY permissible or impermissible, but apply it also
to conduct that is ETHICALLY appropriate or inappropriate.  ( Perhaps in
this I am subliminally influenced by the little-known but rather basic fact
that more than half of the Torah's 613 "commandments" are ethnical in
nature while fewer than half  comprise cultic,  narrowly "legal"

Hope that clarifies my position, which seems to me to be virtually your own.

Judith Romney Wegner