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orion: Copyright & Marginalia (Was "Chinese connection heist")

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  Dr. Rochelle Altman wrote:
  > Should somebody check into these Chinese symbols? Of course, and Dr.
Mair has done so. Do they say anything about the date of the scroll? Yes,
they tell us that the scroll existed *before*
the marginal note was written. That's all.<
  I agree. The question is if the Chinese is dated at maybe 100 ce and more
probably 700 ce at the earliest in Isaiah and Order of the Community, how
could these documents have been sealed up in 68 ce? The Chinese connection
no doubt is a difficult one to make. Giving this scroll a bit more leeway
in time allows for some flexibility in the explanation. But if we stick
with 68 ce, it gets very difficult.
   I'm afraid the Chinese characters referring to a "divine king who has
been slain" are not all that point to a later date. I cannot give away any
more than I regret having given away so far, influding the first mention of
Dr. Victor Mair, but there is Isaiah 7:11 and the Lord telling Agaz to ask
for a sign from the "mother of God" and when Agaz refuses to test the Lord,
the Lord goes on to say he will provide that sign anyway through a young
girl or a virgin, depending on your idiomatic translation, giving birth to
a child who will be called Emanuel.
   This is a problem, I think. Of it were the only one of its kind ... but
it isn't.     It isn't.
   Neil Altman, no relation Dr. R. Altman, has written about the evidence
of Christian hands on the scrolls.

   David Crowder
   El Paso