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orion From the moderator

This is a general request to all participants: Calm down. Take a deep
breath. Edit the sarcasm and jeering comments out of your messages before
you send them. Remember that what may sound witty in a faculty lounge can
sound vicious in the faceless medium of e-mail. I might add that comments
which may be appropriate in an informal American college setting could be
interpreted in quite a different light by European scholars. Please note
that our discussions are not only cross-disciplinary but cross-cultural;
although we all write in English, we are not always speaking the same

Comments on two threads:

Re: Chinese connection heist. This thread has gone on long enough. It was
interesting as a fringe topic but it's starting to wander far afield. The
discussion of other scholars' ethics is not appropriate on Orion. Please
move this thread to private e-mail.

Stephen Goranson & Fred Cryer, you should probably agree to disagree on
Pliny. Martin Jaffee has raised an interesting question, re: criteria for
distinguishing an autograph from a copy. Perhaps you could respond for the
benefit of those of us who are not palaeographers.

Final note: Dr. Timothy Lim at Edinburgh has just published a new work,
_Holy Scripture in The Qumran Commentaries & the Pauline Letters_ (Oxford:
Clarendon, 1997). Has anyone out there read or reviewed it?

Avital Pinnick
list moderator