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Re: orion: Copyright & Marginalia (Was "Chinese connection

Dr. Stephen Goranson wrote (in part):

> other, including color, photos, I think. Can anyone say whether the ink,
> and the shape of the pen tip, resembles that in the main text or not? Do
> they resemble the other marginalia or the corrector's hand in the scroll in
> these respects?

There is a limit to just how far one can go in making statements from 
the published copies of Trever's color photos since the screening 
involved in the printing process ultimately causes the image to break 
down under higher magnifications.  However, I would say that the ink 
of the marginal symbols is the same as that of the text for both 
1QIsa-a and 1QS, as is the pen width.  As to hand, one cannot say 
directly since there are no common characters among text and 
marginalia from which one may form a judgment.

The following quotation from E. Tov, _Textual Criticism of the Hebrew 
Bible_ (Minneapolis: Fortress; Assen/Maastricht: Van Gorcum, 1992) p. 
216, may be of use (He is speaking of "other markings, not all of 
which are understood" under the broader heading of "Scribal Marks and 

"Certain scribal markings found in both 1QIsa-a, 1QS, and 1QS-a are 
not known from other texts, probably because the latter two and the 
corrections in the former were produced by the same scribe."

Hope this helps.

Richard Weis

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