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Re: orion: Copyright & Marginalia (Was "Chinese connection heist")

Dr. Rochelle Altman wrote (in part):
>Marginalia, by definition, is material added *after* a text has been
>written. (Corrections are after the fact, too. Sometimes they are
>contemporary - but only sometimes!)
Yes, indeed, there can be no marginalia until there is a margin. The
question remains, in this case, I think, whether these markings were by the
scribe of the text or by a later hand. Prof. Mair, I think, did not give a
clear-cut judgement on this question. I have only an old printing of
Trever's black and white photos at hand, but he and others have published
other, including color, photos, I think. Can anyone say whether the ink,
and the shape of the pen tip, resembles that in the main text or not? Do
they resemble the other marginalia or the corrector's hand in the scroll in
these respects?
(And thanks for the other information)
Stephen Goranson    goranson@duke.edu