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Re: orion Bible quotes in the Temple scroll?

I believe there is an unfortunate misunderstanding concerning a 
scholar's work here.  Perhaps the question or concern could be 
cleared up (with perhaps a more informed basis for comment to 
a scholarly list?) by a second, or rather first, look at the scholarly 
work in question?  

Greg Doudna

> >>I'm puzzled by the last phrase ...."where *he thinks* it is a quote."  What
> >>does *he thinks* mean?  How can Michael Wise have sufficient expertise to
> >>publish on DSS, if he doesn't *know* enough to tell his readers whether a
> >>sentence or passage in the TS  is or is not a quote?   Doesn't he know how
> >>to use a Hebrew bible concordance?  It should be a simple matter to

> So, my point was and remains that Michael Wise's work cannot be worth very
> much if he doesn't bother to let his readers know when he is being honest
> and quoting the precise language of a verse, and when he is obfuscating by
> paraphrasing without letting his readers know (as you seemed to imply he
> sometimes does).  If (and I say "IF") a writer does that, this amounts to
> deliberately concealing the fact that he is editorializing -- and such a
> writer should be consigned to the circular file!
> Judith Romney Wegner
> jrw@brown.edu