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orion Primary, secondary, tertiary sources,

Since there has been so much discussion over Pliny, I wonder if
someone can direct me to 
1.  an on-line source for Pliny, in English as wellas the original
2.  Informed discussions by Pliny specialists about the work in
question.  That means I'm not looking fort he opinion of a DSS personwho
has a vested interest in how to understand Pliny on the Essenes, but a
reputable classicist who could care less.  I'm looking for an anlysis of
what Pliny says and of its probable hsitorical worth (I place more value
in some written texts than others do -- the archaeological data itself
is not, IMHO, adequate to understand anything but requires some other
frameworrk in which to udnerstand it -- otherwise it's just so much raw
data, incapable probably of correct "interrpetation," to the limited
extent that such is possible, speaking post-modernly).

Kenneth Litwak