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Re: orion Response to F. Cryer

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, fred cryer wrote:

> standardise, and the DSS are not standardised. And, yes, I have looked at
> the ca. 850-odd documents, and no, there are no autographs among them, not
> even among the so-called "sectarian" documents, which is where, on your
> hypothesis, one would *have* to find some.

	As a non-specialist in paleography or codicology I would benefit
very much from some discussions of criteria by which one determines an
autograph from a copy. I know that Golb makes much of this distinction in
his recent book, but he doesn't really discuss criteria insofar as these
may apply to literary rather than to administrative documents.
	Thanks in advance. Marty (Outer Darkness) Jaffee