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Re: orion recent discussion

>On Mon, 22 Sep 1997, Orion Center wrote:
>> It seems to me that the topic of rabbinic law, handed down to Moses on
>> Sinai, is off-topic, where Orion is concerned. Questions which cannot be
>> resolved by academic methods and which are based on faith propositions
>> tend to produce ill feeling and waste a lot of time and bandwidth.
>> Thank-you.
>> Avital Pinnick
>> list moderator
>> Orion
>	How is it off topic if a significant body of contemporary
>scholarship identifies this concept with the Pharisees and finds proof of
>the proposition in the phrase dorshei halaqot? The issue of Torah misinai
>is no less discussable by academic methods than the question of who lived
>at Qumran. Whether it's resolvable is another question--but so, on the
>present state of matters, are many other Qumran questions. But I take to
>heart your recommendation that I shut up and will happily join the range
>of other crackpots consigned to outer darkness. Marty Jaffee> >

Come on, Marty.  You know very well that Avital was NOT referring to YOU.
I rush to her defense, she does a very good job of policing, but only when
absolutely necessary and only those who call for it.
Definitely not you!