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Re: orion recent discussion

On Mon, 22 Sep 1997, Orion Center wrote:

> It seems to me that the topic of rabbinic law, handed down to Moses on 
> Sinai, is off-topic, where Orion is concerned. Questions which cannot be 
> resolved by academic methods and which are based on faith propositions 
> tend to produce ill feeling and waste a lot of time and bandwidth. 
> Thank-you.
> Avital Pinnick
> list moderator
> Orion
	How is it off topic if a significant body of contemporary
scholarship identifies this concept with the Pharisees and finds proof of 
the proposition in the phrase dorshei halaqot? The issue of Torah misinai 
is no less discussable by academic methods than the question of who lived 
at Qumran. Whether it's resolvable is another question--but so, on the
present state of matters, are many other Qumran questions. But I take to
heart your recommendation that I shut up and will happily join the range
of other crackpots consigned to outer darkness. Marty Jaffee> >