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orion Announcement of new web resource

With great fear and trembling, I have undertaken the task of putting a new
transcription of 1QS on my web page.  It is a work in progress; the first
two columns are complete and posted, and columns 3-6 only need some
proofreading.  They should be available within the week.  The Hebrew font
is the Scholars Press SPTiberian, and there is a link to it on the intro

I am making the transcription directly from the printed edition of
Trever's photographs.  For proofreading I am using the transcription of
Charlesworth, with footnotes indicating places where I have questioned or
disagreed with his conclusions.  Special thanks go to Jim West, who
graciously provided me with the photographic edition of "Scrolls from 
Qumran Cave 1" and photocopies of Charlesworth (all my own books are still
in storage back in Wyoming, so I am intensely grateful to have friends
like Jim!).

Comments are welcome.  Eventually I hope to make this material searchable,
but that may take a while.

Seen in a classified ad: "Parachute for sale.  Used once.  Never opened."