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Re: orion Katite off topic

I noted that "Kiss Me Kate" was a progeny of "Taming of the Shrew" by William
And the song:
"I hate MEN! I can't abide them even now and then, etc."
But of course Judith or someone will point out the Taming was written by GRRR
a man ! So it can't be worth much.
The little dears. 
 PS One of my favorite columist writes in NY on the 
NY TIMES.  She wrote a marvouly piece about how men have more cells in thier
head than women.  She implied that we don't use the extra cells at all, so
there is a 
BRAIN DRAIN, which was the title of her column.  She and Dibert are just
Her name is Maureen Dawd.  She wrote a column about a hot tub installed on
the White House lawn by the Clintons, so she showed up at the gate with
flippers and  a 
bathing suit and towel. (Hmm, I wonder how much one has to donate to DNC to
get a free towel/)
. Gosh ! She is so full of herself I wonder how she lives with herself.?.
Obviously a " Katite !"
She just had a wonderful column on inside Gore's Brain.
Sorry, listers but I had a real tough week, POINT CAST Network downloaded new
software onto my Windows and destroyed my StartUp in Win3.11.  Can't use the
bubble jet without the start up window. But the system is slowly coming back.
It is like a sleeping giant. 
Speaking of giants is there anything in the DSS about the Sons of God
sleeping with the Daughters of  Man and having giant off spring ?   Any

How do I know it is Point Cast  Network you say?   My starfield simulation
for screen saver has been replaced by a PCN logo.  Guess what! I can't even
get the PCN to run. The system went into crash mode.
Sorry, I won't go off topic again.
But there is a life outside of Orion and 1st Cent, Judaism, boys and girls.
Steve Abramowitz