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Re: orion Clarification?!

Who says religious belief has no place in academic discussion? Where is
this 'law' written?  

 This is an affront to those that believe.  Whether Jewish, Christian or
Moslem.  The DSS have just as much right to be analysed by those that
believe than those that don't. 

It is OPINION.  Biased or not.  

If one would suppress opinion and religious belief in any type of analysis
- whether it be secular or religious - one cannot claim 'professionalism'
 - especially - in the realm of Belief.  Nor can one - from apparent
secular stance - study from perspectives of faith and belief - which are
tantamount 'premises' to those that believe in the Most High God.  He
would want us to test Him with theories and evidences - just as secular do
- in their 'world'...  

To those that believe - they have a different requirement in
evaluating and presenting 'data', to their audiences of lesser knowledge
or 'scholarship'.

They have responsibilities to their audiences - just as the secular do in
their own audiences presentions. Beleivers have a different requirement
and responsibility. For believers present in a different medium.  A medium
that 'obfuscates' to the secular.

I again am appalled the tone on this list that is inhabited by many
that believe - and, in the academic realm? - believers must 'supposedly'
cow-tow to the secular system of non-belief!  Not possible.

The DSS are important to people that believe - for very specific reasons.

Stop the affront and arrogance.


or drew ole odegaard
University of Minnesota, Duluth.