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Re: orion Focus of DSS research

Jim West wrote:
> At 08:09 AM 9/16/97 -0600, you wrote:
> >David,
> >
> >From one "amateur" to another, your suggestion is
> >a good one! "To the things themselves!" [Husserl].
> >
> The suggestion that we look to the scrolls instead of the authors and their
> social location seems a good one, on the surface; but I would suggest that
> if we hope to understand the scrolls we must understand who wrote them and
> why.  If we do not come to terms with these questions than the others will
> be unanswerable as well.

Agreed.  The question, I think, as raised, is "Which should come 
first?"  Do we go scrambling through the ancient sources looking for 
some group that resembles some things we see in the scrolls, or do we 
immerse ourselves in the scrolls as they are, sans organizational 
presuppositions, and let them tell us who wrote them and what 
he/she/it/they were trying to say?  I would hope the answer is fairly 

Dave Washburn