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Re: orion Focus of DSS research

>As a layman I cannot help but notice that much of the discussion around on
>the DSS focuses on conceptual questions of identifying the supposed "sect".
>What if the scholars in the field took a break from this for a while, put
>aside their preconceived notions and simply proceeded to analyze the
>content of the scrolls in the context of the world of Believing Judaism in
>which the writers of the scrolls existed. To what extent various scrolls
>are or are not the products of sectarians would be examined in relation to
>normative Judaism. It is my own hunch after reading 10 or so books on the
>subject, that the scrolls were written by people of varying loyalty to
>normative rabbinic Judaism.......
>---David Goldman

Dear  David:

Bless you for saying so elegantly what I've been trying to say all along --
except that my acerbic disposition kept getting in the way.. .... You got
it exactly right:  Bravo!

This is exactly what needs to be done....so please, let everyone in the
field go for it and then those of us who (like me) are laypersons with a
tremendous interest in this particular field can look forward to reading
scads of plausible and useful analysis of material that is peripheral but
germane to so many of our fields.

Judith Romney Wegner