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Re: orion perspectives, Essenes

In a message dated 97-09-15 04:10:59 EDT, jpman@accesscomm.net writes: 
<< The issues, therefore, over celibacy, 
 slaves, etc is not defining and does not abrogate an Essene origin for 
 the texts.  There could have been an equal disparity between the 
 Essenes of the texts composition and the Essenes of Josephus just as 
 there was between the "Ebionites" and the Marcionists. >> 
Were all the "Essenes" in towns and cities without servants and unmarried or
would it be those at Qumran?  Why would a group of strict observers of the
Torah be celibrate when the first commandment to Adam after the expulsion
from Eden was to be fruitful and multiply? I think the quote was "prefer to
be celbrate" or is that just an 
interpretation or a translation problem?   
Steve Abramowitz