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Re: orion perspectives, Essenes

>At 06:19 PM 9/13/97 -0400, you wrote:

>You mean the "rubbish" which suggests that the Essenes did not write the
>scrolls and that no connection can be made between the inhabitants of the
>Qumran community and the finds in the nearby caves.  What information

 First of all, my apologies for misrouting a private message to the
list.... I just changed to a new e-mail system,  and am not sure how this
error happened.

Second, and more important, NO, NO, NO --  my comment to Goranson was not
even contemplating the question of  who wrote the scrolls -- whether
Essenes or another group or a whole bunch of different people.  As it
happens, I have an open mind on this question (as I have said before)
because, just from following the evidence thus far, I see  plausible
arguments both for and against the Essenes!

No, my comment (which was intended as a private message)  had nothing to do
with any opinion on the authorship  -- but was directed at quite OTHER
aspects of the discussion, which I find inappropriate for discussion on
list -- which is why I sent it (or thought I did) as a private message.
Again, sorry it  went astray.....

Judith Romney Wegner