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orion misrepresentation and Copenhagen interpretation

In response to Greg Doudna, the term "anti-semitism" is found in the post
of Niels Peter Lemche to orion Sept. 4, 1997. As my post made absolutely
clear, I was not certain exactly how to sort out the various overlaps
between the four attacks I received from the fair city of Copenhagen, so I
wrote that from one to four posts  (including Lemche, you, and TLT via
Judith's quote on Sept. 3, and Fred Cryer,  Sept. 3) made such an
unjustified assertion. And, indeed, such is the case and is on the record.
	I will be glad if we can put such an irresponsible and unjustified
and diversionary assertion behind us.
Stephen Goranson      Goranson@duke.edu