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orion Orion ostracon scans

For a limited time I have put my scans and enhancements of the Qumran 
ostracon photo in IEJ on a web page so others can check them out and 
perhaps do a better job of enhancing than I can.  The files are big - 
all over a megabyte - and there are 4 of them.  The original scans in 
two-color bitmap format are the first two links on the page and are 
named ost1.bmp and ost2.bmp.  The enhanced views I created center on 
lines 4 and 8 and are in .gif format.  These are line4.gif and 

Because of their size, I can only keep them on the site for a couple 
of weeks.  But I will leave them there as long as I possibly can.  If 
anyone wants them and is unable to access them, let me know and we 
will work something else out.

The address is

Dave Washburn