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orion Re: Essenes again

Just to clarify:
Anyone who has read Golb's work knows (1)
that he has never claimed that the Scrolls came from the Temple library, but
rather that they stem from a multitude of libraries in Jerusalem; and (2)
that he doesn't deny that the Essenes existed or even that they possibly
wrote some of the Scrolls, nor that they lived somewhere along the shore of
the Dead Sea.  These are simply misrepresentations of his views, both of
which he has explicitly corrected in his book and elsewhere.  What's
worrisome, of course, is that there may be all
kinds of people (students at the Hebrew University, etc.) who read the Orion
stuff and NOT knowing Golb's work, will simply absorb the
misrepresentations as truth.   No matter how many
times it's corrected it will STILL continue.


Jim West, ThD
Adjunct Professor of Bible
Quartz Hill School of Theology